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"Burma’s culinary culture is vibrant, complex and soulful. It beautifully mingles flavor traditions of bordering India, Thailand and China in vibrant and distinct ways.

Burma Noodle Bar specializes in Burmese food. We specialize in noodle dishes: from fragrant garlic noodles to spicy catfish chowder noodles to creamy coconut curry noodles.

Burma Noodle Bar is building loyal fans one event, one bite, one heart at a time through our pop-ups, and catering," via www.burmanoodlebar.com.

Burma Noodle Bar photography by  Antonio De Lucci

Burma Noodle Bar photography by Antonio De Lucci



Taking the various letters and shapes from the traditional Burmese alphabet, the logo was developed to pay homage to the founders heritage. The smoothness of the letterforms lend to the feeling of noodles and the playfulness of experimenting with recipes.