Remedes, French for remedies, is an natural and holistic approach to modern bathing rituals. With invigoratingly fresh scent combos: mint + lavender, pomegranate + wild orange, and ginger + lemon, one will instantly feel revitalized. The Remedes experience includes an exfoliating soap, calming bath soak and hydrating body cream.



Remedes is fun and approachable, with a goal of making self-care an everyday ritual. While the product line is at a higher price point than drugstore brands, it still remains accessibly priced. Similar and competitive brands would be Lush and L'Occitane. The primary distributor of this collection would be retailers like Anthropologie.


Line Extension: Body Creams

Each item in the collection has a unique water color frame. The frame is loose and spills onto the sides and back panels of the of the packaging.


Line Extension: Soaps

The scents and aromas inspire the color story on each package. The color should evoke a memory and feeling of the scent for the shopper, especially in an e-commerce setting.