A modern beauty concept project.



Vixxen is a modern take on beauty + personal care. A Vixxen girl, derived from "vixen", is alluring while taking charge of her own life. The cosmetic line is easy to use, with daily essentials and no extra steps. The branding feels simple and clean, yet with a bold flirty feel. This line would be sold in beauty chains such as Sephora.


Line Extension: Lips

All lip paints are packaged in sleek, shiny black acrylic. The "V" of Vixxen acts as an icon when used solo. All lip paints in the collection are bold and bright, and the black packaging makes them look even more saturated.

Line Extension: Cream

Face creams, for coverage and protection, are light and easy for usage on the go. Tube packaging was chosen with that in mind. The primary white tube packaging, signifies the light weight of the product.

Additional line extensions: